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The Village

Greenwich Millennium Village is a beautiful and practical place to live which has developed into a vibrant and active community.

Sustainable development is as much about establishing an inclusive society as it is about brilliant design and innovative architecture. The Village includes the kinds of amenities that every thriving community requires and has a variety of housing types and tenures, helping to foster an inclusive, mixed society.

It has everything a community needs to grow: excellent transport links, a school, a health centre, shops, leisure facilities and green open spaces, not to mention beautifully designed homes, retail park and IMAX Cinema within walking distance. The Village is structured to achieve a close-knit sense of community with homes placed around garden squares and public amenity spaces, with interlinking tree-lined streets between each neighbourhood.

A proper community needs a heart, and with this in mind all routes have been designed to lead to the Village Square, an oval space within a few minutes’ walk of every home.


Green spaces

On the Peninsula, 50 acres of land has been developed as parkland, restoring a sense of ecological balance to this once industrial site. The Greater London Agency, working with the Environment Agency, has really put the ‘green’ in Greenwich.

A walk to North Greenwich station takes you through the Central Park. Irises, lavender and daffodils line the route in amongst the trees for a very pleasant commute or an evening stroll. The Lewisham Black Poplar has also been reintroduced into the area.


Ecology Park

The Ecology Park is a four-acre freshwater wetland site. The Park comprises two lakes and areas of beach, marsh, meadow and wet woodland, with a network of wooden boardwalks, bird hides and special features to attract wildlife.

Enough turf has been laid to cover 20 football pitches and over 60,000 shrubs have been planted, as well as 12,000 trees.

Nature has been given a helping hand in the Park by the sowing of meadow grassland and the use of mowing patterns that promote wild flowers, while the Thames foreshore has been enhanced to attract fish. The Village’s man-made lakes are linked to ponds, reedbeds and islets to attract estuarine birds and migrating species, while a ‘green corridor’ provides an ecological link from the riverbank to the far side of the Village.


The Millennium Primary School* and Private Nursery

Greenwich Millennium Village has its own Community Primary School equipped with the latest information and communication technology. It also boasts a large sports hall and outdoor all-weather sports pitch. 

The school is designed for full inclusion from Reception Year through to Year 6, offering 420 places. The school also includes Nursery places for 3 to 4 year old children.

A brand new privately owned day nursery ‘Millennium Minis’ opened in late 2012. Situated a short walk away from the Village Square, the Nursery offers day care for children aged 3 months to 4 years.

*Please note: admission to Millennium Primary School is subject to admission criteria set out by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.